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Why Volunteer Together?

Volunteer Rates

The volunteer rate in Waterloo Region has declined 11% from 2007 to 2010
Waterloo Region Vital Signs(R) Priority Report, 2015

Sense of Belonging

Only 31% of residents in Waterloo Region report a “very strong” sense of belonging.
Waterloo Region Vital Signs(R) Priority Report, 2015

Gap in Group Volunteering

Many volunteers are looking for group activities but few organizations have the capacity to offer them.
Bridging the Gap in Ontario, Volunteer Canada

Desire to Contribute

93% of volunteers are motivated by their desire to contribute to their community.
Statistics Canada, 2010

Time Crunch

“Lack of time” is the number one barrier to volunteering.
Family Volunteering Final Report, Volunteer Canada

Early Life Experiences Matter

Children who are more involved in community activities are more likely to be civically engaged adults.
Volunteering in Canada, Statistics Canada, 2010

We Simplify and Enrich the Volunteering Experience

  • Age-appropriate and meaningful volunteer experiences
  • Seamless registration and on-site support
  • New community connections
  • Social issues unpacked and explored
  • Give1Get1 Promos that enable inclusivity
  • Recommended volunteering experiences based on your profile

The Result? A Stronger Community.

Larger and more diverse volunteer pool




About Us

Volunteer Together strengthens communities by seamlessly connecting groups of people to curated service learning opportunities, leading to an enriched culture of volunteerism.

Volunteer Together •  info@volunteertogether.ca

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